Church of the Holy Apostles

Episcopal/Roman Catholic Church • Community of Virginia Beach
Our Vision: Choosing love over separation. Unity over division. Choosing Christ above all things.

Community Mission

Monthly Healing Service

While we are supportive of our ecumenical nature, we have made strides to expand into dialogue beyond our Christian family. We welcome all to our Healing Service - Held the 2nd Sunday of the month at Noon. A Service of Healing will be held every 2nd Sunday at Noon. Please join us and invite your friends for this 45 minutes service.

Children's Liturgy

The first Sunday of each month is dedicated to our young people. The youth of the congregation do the Readings, and Prayers. They are invited up sit up front to share an interactive Homily especially presented for them although truth be told, the adults enjoy it as much as the children. The young people are invited to carry the Gifts to the Altar. It is this level of inclusion that makes church real to all ages.

Community Groups

Join us each Summer for the local LARCUM

Keep an eye here and on Facebook for the Local LARCUM Event.

Join us each January as we celebrate the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity

Last January included a Flavor of Ireland And Scotland Celtic Evensong and Concert. Holy Apostles hosted a very spiritually moving evening prayer service that was ecumenical in nature and captured the heart of Celtic spirituality the night of June 7th. After prayer, we were treated to the history, style, and music of the Celtic people by J. Gabriel Stone and David Gardner. Both men are exceptional musicians and true craftsman. The video above is just a taste of what we experienced. For more information on Mr. Stone's work you can click here.

Events and Life

Small but Loving

We recently celebrated our 38th year of active ministry in spite of many challanges. We are a close knit group who are always supportive of one another. We have had hundreds of individuals who have moved on to share the story of Holy Apostles.

Open Forum Dream Talk

Open Forum Dream Talk – Open Forum Dream Talk – one Sunday a month from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.Free and open to the public – we explore personal dreams, symbol meanings and guided imagery. There is a goodwill basket for (optional) donations to the church, as thanksgiving for using the facility. The fall schedule for Open Forum is October 9 & November 20.


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Our Prayers


Over the years we have tried to move beyond our Virginia boundaries. Our seacrches have led us to visit the Taize community in France. Visit Daily Bible Reading with Taize

Association of Interfaith Families

Daily Word: '... the call comes to work for unity, to replace the denominational structures which institutionalise division by structures which foster unity. The pain of interchurch families who have to pay the cost of eucharistic division simply highlights the wider christian predicament - the cost the church has to pay for divisions between denominations: its mission to the world cannot properly be carried out because its function as a sign of God's reconciling love is obscured. This is the basic question for the churches: the urgency' with which they pursue their reconciling mission in the world.' from "Eucharistic Division: The Cost in Human Terms" by Ruth Reardon. Read More...

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Counseling & Clergy



Deacon Gary Harmeyer, Sr. Pastoral Associate

Rev Alan Mead, Episcopal Interim

Rev. Rene Castillo, Roman Catholic Chaplain

Please contact the office if you need any Pastoral assistance.

Memories of Father Mike Ferguson