Church of the Holy Apostles

Episcopal/Roman Catholic Church • Community of Virginia Beach
Our Vision: Choosing love over separation. Unity over division. Choosing Christ above all things.

Welcome To Holy Apostles

To unite all in Christ through Word, Sacrament, and Service to Parish and Community

We are an ecumenical community, chartered and supported by the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Richmond. While we pursue our unique ministry of ecumenism, we are ever-mindful, and observant of respective traditions. Due to current constraints, we do hold two services weekly, both of which are attended by everyone. We are grateful for the richness of our respective faith traditions and welcome Christians of all denominations to celebrate Christ with us.

Our History

Our Diocesean Links

The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Virginia

Led by the Rt. Reverend Herman "Holly" Hollereth IV
11827 Canon Blvd., Suite 101
Newport News, VA 23606-3071
757-423-8287 Main / 800-582-8292 Toll Free / 757-595-0783 Fax

News of Diocese

Diocese of Richmond

Led by the Rt. Reverend Barry C. Knestout
7800 Carousel Lane Richmond, VA 23294
“In a time when we are challenged by many divisions, my hope and prayer is for the church of Richmond to be a strong voice for unity and charity—an impactful example of reconciliation for those who are divided—a model of solidarity among the neglected, poor and forgotten—and a communion among those who are painfully separated brothers and sisters.”

Catholic Virginian

Videos of Who We Are

How Holy Apostles Got Started

Church of the Holy Apostles is a Catholic/Episcopal Church in Virginia Beach, Virginia. This documentary explores the heart of this ecumenical community and makes a strong case for Christian unity. A film by Austin Bell.

Shared Congregation

The story of a 35 year old blended Episcopal and Roman Catholic congregation in Virginia Beach, VA. This congregation explores what it is possible to do together, without stepping outside the parameters of what our two churches allow.

What We Believe

Choosing Love Over Division

We work to together doing all that tradition allows. We respect all that keeps us apart and pray that we will be an impetus to change.

Choose Unity Over Separation

As times have changed, we find the majority of marriages today cross church lines. We provide a safe space for families to worship together.

Choosing Christ Above All Things

We are Biblically centered working together to serve as a model for others.